Here’s to Responsible Choices

Celebrating and encouraging responsible drinking every day

  • How do we feel about responsible drinking?

    At Molson Coors Canada, we take the responsible consumption of our product seriously. We recognize that most people use alcohol responsibly and we celebrate and reward them for doing so. It’s a 365 day a year, 24 hour a day job for us. We remind people that today is brought to you by the choices you make the night before. By making responsible ones, we can all get more out of every day.

  • What do we do to promote responsible drinking?

    Every day, we’re on the ground across the country with our sales and brand teams, promoting responsible drinking at activities that we are involved with. In addition to this activity, we have special campaigns for summer, campus and the holiday period – all peak periods during which we need to spread the responsibility message and reward consumers that are making the responsible choices.

  • What’s with the new icons on packaging?

    We’ve always known that being a great beer company involves more than just brewing. In that tradition, we couldn’t be prouder to be the first beer company in Canada to feature a stamp of responsibility on our products. Beginning in April, you’ll start to see it on packs of Molson Canadian, Coors Light, and Molson Dry in Ontario and Quebec. Eventually, you’ll see it on all our packs, everywhere.

    The stamp is a symbol of our commitment to four major areas of responsible production, sale and consumption of the beer we’ve always been proud to call our own. It’s also an invitation to all Canadians to stand with us in taking these issues of responsibility to a new level of prominence.

    And now that our commitment to responsible choices is right where you can see it, we want you to know exactly what it means.

  • Who do we work with to get our message out?

    We work with a variety of groups across the country including Crimestoppers, police associations and transit authorities. On campus we work with media providers to get the responsible drinking message displayed on hundreds of digital screens across the county. We also work closely with our national partner - 1-888-TAXIGUY – to raise awareness of getting home safely.

  • What is 1-888-TAXIGUY?

    1-888-TAXIGUY is a national toll-free number that connects you to a local cab company for a safe drive home. They have over 425 cab companies in their network and are available from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Molson Coors is a founding partner and since we started in 1998, TAXIGUY has helped over 3 million Canadians get home safely.

  • What is the TAXIGUY Dialer app?

    Our TAXIGUY Dialer app for your smartphone is a free app that allows you to connect to a cab in the TAXIGUY network with a simple tap of a button. Get it today at

  • How can I find out more?

    Visit and check out our alcohol responsibility section.